Our Analytics Reports helping you with your SEO

This walk-through Analytics Detailed Tour will take you through the different reports and explain how to interpret them. It should take about 10 minutes to complete but feel free to work through it at your own pace.


Your Online Business Summary

To access the reporting and analytics functionality on your online business console, click on the 'Reports' tab and click on the 'Summary' option which will take you to the inbuilt reports we'll be covering.

Analytics report menu bar

The Summary page shows the statistics for your site. You're able to set the date period using the dropdown at the top to see the results for today only, yesterday, last week, last month etc. going back 1 year. Beneath this are charts telling you:

  • Where your visitors are coming from (Geo Location)
  • How many visits and page views you've been receiving per fortnight over the last 3 months
  • New and Returning Visits - your online business is able to differentiate new visitors to your site and visitors who are coming back for another visit
  • 'Top Sources' tells you how people are reaching your site, whether they're typing the URL directly into their browsers (direct), they're clicking on links from other sites to reach your site (referral), they're clicking on links from email newsletters you've sent them (campaign) or they've found your site by using a search engine

Analytics report page

Next to the Reporting summary you'll see the report selector which allows you to choose which inbuilt report you want to show. Reports are categorized depending on the information they represent. You'll be taking a closer look at 'Path', 'Marketing', 'Leads' and 'eCommerce' report categories.

Analytics menu bar

Website Reporting

Your online business keeps very detailed statistics on the interactions that occur on your website. Not only are traditional indicators such as traffic, and visitors tracked but there are fine grained statistics such as which pages your visitors are landing at your site on so you can focus on the messages and calls-to-action that you put on those pages. You can find this report inside the <bold>'Path'</bold> category.

Website report entry page

As well as tracking which page your visitors are arriving at, your can also see which page they're leaving from by looking at the 'Exit Page' report. Your website should work like a funnel that drives conversions (whether it be sales, user registration, newsletter sign-ups) and certain pages may need their design and content improved. If you're getting a lot of exits from your homepage this shows that your homepage is bouncing a lot of visitors.

Analytics report entry page

Marketing Reports

You'll be able to find the statistics and charts for your email newsletters in the marketing category. The most useful reports here are the campaign reports which give you the statistics for each email newsletter you send out such as the number of opens, bounces, email click-throughs, unsubscribes, and even which link each recipient is clicking on. There's also subscriptions vs unsubscriptions which helps you understand how many people are signing up for your newsletters and how many people are opting out.

Analytics Marketing reports menu

Focusing on the Marketing Overview report, we can see where our subscribers are located throughout the world, we have a chart view of subscribers vs unsubscribers and we the system tells us how many newsletters are being sent per month so you know how much of your quota that you are using.

Analytics marketing reports page

Leads Reports

The 'leads' category of reports gives you a comprehensive view of how well the webforms on your site are performing.

Leads reports menu bar

There are details on where your webform submissions are coming from (Enquirer Geographic Location), a chart of the total website inquiries you've been receiving over the last few months and the system collects statistics on which of your webforms are the most commonly used if you have put several on your website to collect customer data. For instance you might have a customer survey form, a customer registration form, a contact us form etc

Leads reports page

ECommerce Reports

All your online shop statistics can be found underneath the ecommerce category of reports. There are detailed reports on your sales over the last few months to see how your online shop is tracking and reports on the top products and abandon rates for your shopping carts.

eCommerce menu bar

eCommerce reports page

Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse

The reporting and analytics module helps you measure the performance in all areas of your online business. It gives you simple, easy to understand feedback to help you improve your business or find out what's working best so you can focus on those areas. You should take the time to explore through all the individual reports.