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AWebsite for your Business

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    01Content Management System.

    Have complex CMS systems been causing you headaches? Tired of keeping track of 5 or more logins for every tool used for your Online Business? Our one-stop approach to content management takes the hassle out of building, managing and hosting the first critical component of an Online Business - the website.

  • website development eCommerce


    Selling goods and services is often an important part of an Online Business. With Treepl, we've got eCommerce capabilities built right into the platform, so that you can avoid the pain of having to call your designer every time you need to add a new product in your catalogue or change a price.

  • Website Form Builder

    03Lead Management

    Lead Management is a term used in general business practice to describe methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing techniques. Lead management facilitates a business's connection between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that advertising. These processes are designed for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies. The Eclipse customer management system allows you the power to effectively manage your online business easily and effectively.

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    04Drive Repeat Sales With Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a powerful tool for you to reach your customers - and bring them back to your online business. With Treepl's simple CRM automatically building your customer database in the background, you can create lists and send newsletters with ease.

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    05 Powerful Modules - Built In

    Every Online Business has different needs and goals. Treepl's range of flexible modules provide you with quick ways to implement usually complex business requirements, covering everything from basic content management to complex newsletter campaigns.

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    06 Design & Customization

    Treepl gives you complete creative control over your design. Unleash your imagination and let you designer transform your ideas in your very own HTML & CSS code for every system feature.

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    07Reporting & Analytics

    Business decisions should never be made blindly. That's why we've integrated powerful reporting functions into every aspect of your Online Business. From web pages to online shops, email marketing to lead management - Treepl records every interaction customers have with your site and gives you the tools to track them.

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  • Why Us

    We developed Eclipse Online Solutions over many years while striving to build first-class company websites. Initially, when we first developed our online presence it became obvious that there was a need for a system whereby individuals could implement changes quickly and cost effectively without having to rely on web designers or programmers.

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You can create an unlimited number of products, then organise them in catalogues. You can even sell downloadable eProducts.

Get To Know Your Customers.

With integrated customer relationship management built-in, every interaction your customers have with your business is logged, building their unique profile and history. You can also import any existing customer databases, using Excel spreadsheets.

Replace 10+ systems with 1

Our fully integrated system gives you the power of multiple software suites, easily controlled from one central interface. Managing your business has never been so simple!

Reporting & Analytics

Our system gives the key metrics, statistics and analytics to understand every facet of your online business. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to make quick, smart decisions based on solid information.

Secure "Member Only" Areas

Make any type of content secure (web pages, announcements, Blogs, FAQs, Forums etc)

Targeted, Effective Marketing.

Build targeted customer lists based on information gathered from any part of your online business. This includes past order information, web form submissions, forum membership, blog comments and much more.

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