Our (CMS) Content Management system is set up for Search Engine Optimisation

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    • Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap. A daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximum exposure in the search engines
    • Search engine feed also includes every catalogues and products (eCommerce only)
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs. Catalogue and product names used in URLs to maximize search engine friendliness (eCommerce only)

  • Websites that use our (CMS) platform are 100% search engine friendly. That means the major search engines are aware of all the content on your website.

    By content we mean your web pages, announcements, FAQs, literature such as your PDFs documents, shopping catalogues and more. Of course if you make any content secure then we automatically exclude it from the list that is available to the search engines.

    On regular intervals the system will produce your website's sitemap in the format specified by Google and Yahoo.

    These search engines will then pick up your sitemap and add all the content on your website to their database. At anytime you can check and view the sitemap document that we produce located at the two URLs listed below.

    The sitemap would be found at http://yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml