Online Business Ecommerce websites

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  • October 20, 2016
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Online Business Ecommerce websites

Online eCommerce websites not just a website but an online business

Search engine friendly URLs mean that your business and online store can be found with ease. Search Engine Optimization will be a breeze, with all URLs containing the product or catalogue name and automatically generated Google Sitemaps XML files. for as little as $66 per month you can have an eCommerce website Check out our eCommerce section

The Eclipse Online Solutions Web Hosting Software has a full eCommerce module

that includes all the applications you will need to compete with any Online Shop; Catalogues, Products, Affiliated Programs, Gift Vouchers, Shipping Options, Payment Gateways, Discount Codes, Tax Codes and Quick Books. Within these applications you will find other numerous applications such as Shopping Carts, Stock Checker, Stock Order and much more.

Simply put, eCommerce is the online transaction of business, featuring linked computer systems of the vendor, host, and buyer using electronic transactions involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods or services. This software has all you need to run any small to medium sized eCommerce online shop or business.

Just like all the other modules in this web hosting software, the eCommerce module and the applications are 100% customisable by "you" with intuitive step-by-step videos and guides every step of the way. You really can have your very own unique Online Shop.

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