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05-Apr-2012 Search Engine Optimistaion for your Business in Perth WA

Is Your website set up correctly and follows the SEO rules

With more businesses and consumers relying on the web to make buying decisions today, one thing’s for certain: the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) can no longer be ignored. Knowing how to maximize visits and profits from Google can help you:
Sell more products and services online Influence more offline sales

  • *Become more valuable to your employer
  • *The secrets to creating loads of high quality content Start your own business - and so much more

Yes, the rewards of effective SEO can be exponential. But with so much info out there, how can you get a handle on the strategies that will make a real impact on your success? Download your FREE copy of SEO Made Simple Wordtracker’s new ‘crash course’ on profitable search engine optimization. Written by SEO guru Mark Nunney, this value-packed introduces you to the need-to-know basics, such as how to:

  • *Find the right keywords for a new website
  • *Test the value of keywords with pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • *Get other sites to link to yours (an SEO must!)
  • *Plan and structure your site's content
  • *Create engaging content that people will link to and share
  • *Build on your SEO success over time

Whether you seek more sales, response, conversions, or visits from the search engines, SEO Made Simple   gets you off to a running start. The book is full of illustrations and clear explanations, making it incredibly easy to follow (even if you’re new to SEO).

SEO Made Simple has a retail value of $29. So why are we giving it away? Because Wordtracker is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses level the SEO playing field with the big brands, which are increasingly dominating Google’s results.

All we ask in return is that you help spread the word about this free book by giving us a +1 from Google+, a Facebook like, or a Tweet. A fair exchange, wouldn’t you say?

Download your FREE guide now!

In the spirit of online success, The Wordtracker Team

We can help create an Online Business solution for your company too

Here at Eclipse Online Solutions we can provide you with all the tools you and your business will need to succeed online. Whether it's just help and advice with an existing website, the design and build of a new low-cost website, or the set up of a Full Ecommerce website selling your products to the world - we have it all.

From as little as $440, we can set your site up online for the world to see. Why not take a look at our very competitively priced Website Design and Build packages

Eclipse Online Solutions have launched a brand NEW product - Advanced Web Hosting Software. Once your website is wrapped up in this software "you" will not only be able to build, edit and manage your site, "you" will be able to turn it into a professional Online Business.

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If you already have a website.

Why not import it into the Eclipse Content Management System and start editing immediately? Instantly edit and add content and pictures to bring your current website up to date.

If you don't have a website

Use our free responsive website templates to create your company website in minutes, no need for advanced HTML skills and large web designer cost's with our easy to use Site Walk. Full online support and tutorials for every application.