The Page Content Editor, also known as the Redactor editor, is a tool which enables developers to not only add content but also apply complex formatting to it. Creating content for pages has never been easier and more design-friendly, as Eclipse Online Systems enables you go as far as configure permissions so that certain employees can only use specific parts of the editor. This flexibility streamlines the content creation process once the site goes live and into the hands of the end-user.

Using this editor allows you to easily add modules, insert images, tables, strip and apply css formatting, manage links in an user friendly, intuitive manner, as well as perform basic text formatting (style to bold, italic, underline, outline , indent, outdent, change foregraound, background and text colour, insert numbered/buletted lists, apply paragraphs and font headings, etc.

You are able to configure privileges for each of your employees. Let's assume you've built a blogging platform . Having spent a lot of time to fine tune and tweak the look of the website, you might not want the final user (content manager) to be able to modify the styling of the text in any way possible.
With Eclipse Online System, you can specify exactly which parts of the editor are available to your employees.