SEO Chelmsford our sister Company new website to help with SEO

26-Feb-2012 SEO Chelmsford our sister Company new website to help with SEO

How we at SEO Chelmsford Implement our SEO plans

Step 1 – Simply Contact SEO Chelmsford
To contact SEO Chelmsford simply follow the link to our Contact Us page and register your interest in our SEO services.  One of our team will then contact you direct to discuss your business needs and if you wish, to arrange a convenient time to visit your place of work.


Step 2 – SEO Chelmsford Visit Your Premises
Site meeting – SEO Chelmsford will visit your place of work to fully discuss your business needs and help you decide on your Keywords and a Monthly SEO plan that will help to achieve your goals whilst also fitting with your monthly budget.


Step 3 – SEO Chelmsford Will Start Your SEO Plan
SEO Chelmsford will set your Monthly SEO in motion and provide you with an SEO chart (report) showing your current website positions relating to the keywords we are going to target. This SEO report will also show additional information like “Exact Monthly Searches” and “Strength of Competition”.


Step 4 – SEO Chelmsford Compile Your 30 Day SEO Report
30 days from the start of your SEO, SEO Chelmsford will compile another SEO report. This second report will be compared to your original SEO report and from this you will be able to clearly see the results of the SEO work we are carrying out. We will email you this chart and call or visit you to discuss the progress.


Step 5 – SEO Chelmsford Assess how well the SEO Performed
Almost a repeat of step 4 -
2 weeks before the end of your 3 month SEO Plan, SEO Chelmsford will carry out one final check of your websites positions relating to the chosen keywords. This third chart will then be compared to the previous charts. This will clearly show the success of the 3 month SEO plan you have taken. We will then call or visit you to discuss and explain the progress.  It is at this stage that you can decide whether you wish to continue with another plan.

Please note: Due to the nature of SEO and how Google works it is very likely that you will continue to see further small improvements even after this last SEO check. Please ask for more info on this.

Its as Simple as That!

Contact SEO Chelmsford

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